The Social Media Illusion


The Social Media Illusion


Creative process

This particular photo means a lot to me and was driven by something I’m very passionate about. It's a dystopian style take on the visual world we live in. A visual world of perfectly curated feeds and photos that are actually far from reality or altered altogether.
I love Instagram/social media. As a photographer it's such an easy and fun way for me to share my work and grow. But sometimes I go on a platform and compare my situation to others based on their photos and feed and immediately get removed from the present. I forget what I have as I'm being shown what I don’t have. It’s silly.
Feeds are highlight reels! They are the best moments. So why compare the day to day, behind the scenes grind of your life to that? I know I certainly post highlights, and yet I only post about 5% of my daily life online.
Its not real.
Comparison is the thief of joy. - Roosevelt