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Professionally trained in graphic design and self-taught in photography and photo post-processing with 10 years of experience.

I am available for graphic design, conceptual photography, photo manipulations, touch ups, product photography and everything in between! For any questions about my services and rates, do not hesitate to reach me! 

Or if you just want to say hey or potentially collaborate on an upcoming project, I'd love to hear from you as well.

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Creative Process

Created using bricks stacked up like a Jenga tower. A few different formations were (carefully) made and photographed to form the landscape. I then took the rock texture and details off of the original photo and overlaid it onto the bricks.

Jenga is the inspiration behind this image - the game where a tower is built up to eventually collapse. The location of this image is Thailand, a country I have visited and witnessed the effects of over tourism. Travel and tourism is a beautiful thing, but how much can a landscape sustain before it too, crumbles? During my second visit to Thailand there were many beaches and parks that were closed for repair due to over tourism and damage. Even though it was sad to see the areas closed, it was nice to see intervention and future protection.