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Professionally trained in graphic design and self-taught in photography and photo post-processing with 10 years of experience.

I am available for graphic design, conceptual photography, photo manipulations, touch ups, product photography and everything in between! For any questions about my services and rates, do not hesitate to reach me! 

Or if you just want to say hey or potentially collaborate on an upcoming project, I'd love to hear from you as well.

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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect


Creative Process

Picture Perfect! The company you call when you want to turn a plot of land into the perfect picturesque landscape. They will show up and capture the surrounding area with their high powered Polaroid Land Camera. The prints are so realistic you will think it’s the real thing!

This idea was sparked when I was looking at an old polaroid camera known as the ‘Polaroid Land Camera’. The term ‘land camera’ stuck out to me and I thought - what if this was a powerful machine to capture and alter the ‘land’. I decided to turn the camera into heavy duty machinery and make the prints form a perfect lake reflection. The photo prints are 4x4 foam boards that I layed out on a large gravel lot and used bricks to prevent them from being blown around. I wanted the prints in the final photo to be slightly out of place and curved to show that they are still working on completing the job - notice the prints in the foreground are still purple as they continue to develop.