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Professionally trained in graphic design and self-taught in photography and photo post-processing with 10 years of experience.

I am available for graphic design, conceptual photography, photo manipulations, touch ups, product photography and everything in between! For any questions about my services and rates, do not hesitate to reach me! 

Or if you just want to say hey or potentially collaborate on an upcoming project, I'd love to hear from you as well.

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Artificial Beauty

Artificial Beauty


Creative process

I decided to go with this location because of the curvature of the road and how secluded it is. Very few cars go through this area which made it an attractive location to use. I laid out a few 4x4 foam boards and took several photos of the boards in different spots. I did this so that the perspectives of the squares would be realistic and easy to manipulate in Photoshop afterwords.

One day while hiking, I happened to stumble upon a beautiful abandoned train bridge. I used the beams from the structure to create the underground metal framing. Once the stage was set, it was just a matter of adding in the fun details, such as a worker assembling the pieces and an overhanging lamp that I staged using two pieces of wood.